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Peeling the Onion of You


30-60 Minutes

About the Course

Data is a powerful tool in business, with team members, and for customers when used in a meaningful way. With people being the most important asset to any organization, oftentimes we are left to using our gut to making decisions about people. This session is designed to open your eyes to how you can be leveraging data to understand how people are wired to get the right people in the right seat, help managers navigate the complexity of people and build high-performing teams to get the results you are looking for.

Your Instructor

Heidi Goettsch

Heidi Goettsch

Heidi's certifications as a National Predictive Index Consultant and Prosci Change Management Consultant, paired with her diverse background in a variety of industries and functions, play an integral role in supporting organizations align their business strategy with their people strategy. Using data and science, she take the guesswork out of figuring out of how people are wired and support the strategy and execution of major strategic deployments with people at the core!

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