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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Drifting…fast and slow

Far and away to wherever you go

Racing, pacing far and wide

Lifting, shifting to the sky

Whatever will be

Will draw you in

It will show you

What you can win

At times you don't know

How you got so far off

But you will know

As the dust settles in

Don't let yourself get

Too far in a distance

Stay grounded what's in

Stay grounded in Him

This message about drifting has come up several times in the past few months for me. It came up in a message at church recently, and it's also come up in conversation with others. It's made me pause in a lot of ways. The words above flowed onto the paper when I think about drifting so I thought I would share.

Was I drifting? How do I know if I am drifting? What am I drifting from?

Who I am. What I was made to do. How I want to live and be, and do. Think about that.

In the context of the church, the reference was drifting from how we got here, why we are here and what we were put on earth to do. Are we remaining faithful in that and giving the Glory to God? Are we doing the things we need to do serve Him each day?

In the context of other conversations, drifting is just as applicable to that. I think about working out. If I miss a day of working out, I quickly get off track and it's amazing how in a matter of weeks I go from working out daily to almost non-existent.

In the context of core values, drifting could mean living out what's very important to you. Perhaps it’s the job you have, the people you are surrounding yourself with, the way you spend your time, the way you are treating people - do those things align with your core values or are you drifting?

I notice that when I drift, I either act different or can feel it. If I am in job that isn't in alignment with me, I am not as pleasant to be around - ask my kids :) If I drift into a state of not being as grateful, I notice a big shift in how my days go. If I drift from my goals at work, I feel more frazzled each day. If I drift from knowing and remembering why I was put on earth, I get busy doing things that aren't as fulfilling, leaving my tank empty and no energy for what's really important.

Or even so, look at how you are living your life. When I think about the jolt our family had 8 years ago with both my son and I in critical condition, that was a wake up call. Over time, you naturally gravitate back into the same way of being. The comfortable way. The way you remember from before. Thankfully my husband and kids remind us often - things aren't the same. They shouldn't be. We are different now. Our faith is rooted in God, since after all He is the reason we are here. We can't go back to worrying about what others think, or trying to impress others. None of that stuff matters anymore. It's not who we are. My husband helps me stay grounded in that.

I also know that when I drift, one small change each day could make a significant difference in both directions. I can't always tell that I am drifting. Each small step away from my core values continues to build and before you know it, I am miles away. So while self reflection is very important, it's also critical to have people in your life to help you notice that sooner when you are drifting.

Who are a few people that can hold you accountable to stay true to you? Whether it's living out your core values or it's getting to the gym in the morning? Whatever that looks like for you and your situation. Who do you trust so deeply that at times they may have a hard message for you to hear, but know that you want and need to hear it? Maybe it's a friend, partner, parent, mentor, healer, pastor, boss, the list goes on.

So I ask you….where are you drifting? And if you don't know, perhaps think about where things aren't flowing as smoothly in your life. Is that because you are drifting?

And lastly, who will be there for you and notice when you drift? Who knows who you are to the core and has the courage to hold you accountable to that?

Take some quiet time to reflect for you. It may not be obvious but small incremental shifts back into alignment will make a big difference!

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