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What's on your mind?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I have been getting so many amazing questions from people that I thought others might have the same questions - so why not share more broadly.

"What are you up now?"

I LOVE this question, it's a good one. First and foremost, I always say my #1 job is to be a Mom to my three kiddos, Grady, Quinton and Reece. They are all getting to the point where they are active in many things so I want to be as involved as possible. I've heard so many people say over and over that time goes so fast so I don't want to miss this time to be present and active in what they are doing.

In May, I took the leap of faith and started my own business (Core Strategic Solutions) and partnered with another (The Restoration Project). This direction has been on my heart and mind for MANY years. I am serving as a Strategic Partner for organizations to bring customer and team members to the forefront. It's very empowering to me to work for myself. Anyone that has done the Predictive Index (really great tool for aligning roles with team members throughout their time with your company) - my profile is Maverick. It's highly entrepreneurial so through my own self discovery work I have found that's right in line with when I "lose track of time". My Dad has always been an entrepreneur and a super hard worker - it's in my genes. Knowing that's how I am wired, also explained why I felt friction in prior roles.

"So what exactly do you do?"

I do what I love which is helping people dig into organizational disconnects or "messes" and provide an unbiased view into it, with some solutions or options for solving. Many times I will also help execute and see the results of the hard work.

One example is from a large organization I supported, one of the biggest issues was the focus on team member engagement and customer satisfaction. I was able to support the strategy and execution to change the tune of the organization and allow team members to focus on what they do best. Empowering people within companies to find the right seat on the right bus, all in alignment so people can be productive and successful. That in and of itself drives Customer Satisfaction - happy team members will make happy customers. And happy team members at work also means that happiness could translate into happiness in their personal lives as well. I find joy in making that difference for people and partnering to turn the ship around when needed.

The other element is that Customer Experience (Cx) and Employee Experience (Ex) are intertwined with the business results. I help a lot of companies balance those priorities so there is a happy spot in the middle of those elements. It touches many aspects of the business which is what I love - connecting all of the dots and helping create a holistic strategy.

"Why did you make the change?"

As I mentioned above, taking the leap had been on my heart and mind for a long time. In prior contemplations of it, our family wasn't in the right position for it. The stars weren't aligned, per say, or perhaps that was God's way of saying it wasn't time or part of the plan. When everything aligned, I knew deep down in my heart it was time to make the change for my family.

I am a person that thrives on making a difference. If I am going to be away from my kids, the 40+ hours I spend away at my job is going to be making an impact in a significant way. The times when I have made shifts is when I am ready to make more of a difference or the alignment of who I am or what I am doing doesn't align with the needs and desires of the business. A lot of self-discovery work has helped me understand that. You can read more about that in "My Why" blog post.

I would love to hear what questions you have and what's top of mind for you!


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