Hire the Right Talent

December 15th at 1pm ET/12pm CT

It's costly when organizations hire the wrong people, and it creates downstream impacts creating more expense with engagement and productivity. Join us to learn more about how data can be used to hire the right people in the right role, in a streamlined way.

This 30-minute webinar will educate you on how data and science can help you save money on turnover and disengaged employees and hiring the right people the first time.  Oftentimes we hire based on our gut, which may or may not work out.  It doesn't need to be that way.  

Data and science can help you in many ways, and provide you one more data point to make the right decision the first time.  We will talk during this session about using data to:

  • Align leadership on how the person should be wired that might fill the role, and the core functions of the role,

  • attract the right people to the role,

  • better understand the people you are interviewing, and 

  • onboard effectively to assist the hiring manager with the 1:1 relationship.