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Partnering with leaders to hire and engage teams to increase performance

Professional Business Consulting

Professional Business Consulting

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Navigating people can be complex.

Do you have disengaged team members costing your organization money?

Do you have people leaving your organization without fully understanding why?

Do you have teams lacking in collaboration or trust, leading to missed deadlines and frustration?

Are you lacking in a people strategy, whether it be engaging existing team members or succession planning?

Getting to the heart of people and solutions can be hard. It takes courage. It takes confidence to ask the hard questions. It takes patience and understanding to reflect on them. I am here to help peel the onion of whatever challenges you might be facing using data to diagnose and solve to get to your results efficiently, to yield both cost and time savings. Are you ready?  Let’s elevate your current business strategy by aligning it with your people. Let’s partner to define what the vision for the future looks like, and strategically help you reach your ideal state - whether it be personal or in your organization, as fast as possible.  

Core Strategic Solutions is a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the world's leading talent optimization platform.


I'm Heidi Goettsch

Founder | Consultant | Change Agent | Talent Optimizer

My certifications as a National Predictive Index Consultant and Prosci Change Management Consultant, paired with my diverse background in a variety of industries and functions, play an integral role in supporting organizations align their business strategy with their people strategy.  Using data and science, I take the guesswork out of figuring out of how people are wired and support the strategy and execution of major strategic deployments with people at the core! 

Many times, leaders rely on their gut feeling to make critical business hires or decisions. Instinct is only part of the equation. Utilizing science and data to back decisions allows for elevated decision making, future-forward hiring, and increased productivity and engagement of team members. My diverse business background with both large Fortune 500 companies to small family-owned businesses, and strategic certifications, give me a broad and well-rounded view and perspective, allowing me to think both strategically and operationally.  

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What My Clients Have to Say

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Heidi has provided quality strategic guidance for our small business for years.  She is thoughtful and deliberate in her approach, and has a well-balanced view to ensure all angles are considered.

I loved how the leadership program you lead incorporated the personal side of us in with the professional. It was a perfect way to develop someone as a holistic being with a long-term impact.  This goes well beyond the role that I am currently in.  Thank you!

In a fast-moving world, you are always on top of what needs to be done and driving conversations forward. Thank you so much for leading the charge with the focus on our customers and helping drive our culture forward.  Your creativity and focus shine as you think through new ideas.  Thank you for pushing us to be better for our people.


Innovate to Elevate


Aligning Business Strategy with People Strategy


Customer & Team Member-Focused


Prosci Certified


Certified National Partner with

The Predictive Index


Empowering and Meaningful


Personalized Guidance 

Want to learn more about my services or workshops to take you or your organization to the next level?

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Let's create clear direction for the
organization you want to create. 

1.  Schedule a Free Consultation            
Let's find time to talk and see if the work is the right fit. 
This won't be a quick fix, but a lasting impact.

2.  Activate your People Strategy     

As we work together to identify your people strategy, I will walk with you on a journey towards alignment with your business strategy.

3.  Happy Team Members, Happy World, Great Results   

Maximizing the output of energy by the team increases engagement, retention, and results!

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Interested in learning more, or wondering if I would be a good fit for your organization?
Contact me to set up a 30-minute complimentary discovery session.


Phone:  515.953.9902 

Thank you for your inquiry. I will be in contact soon to discuss more. Make it a wonderful day!

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