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Leaning Into My CORE in 2022

Updated: May 31, 2022

At the end of each year, I start to reflect on my word for the past year, and one for the upcoming year. Some people say it "comes to you", others say you pick it based on your priorities. Whichever your belief, having ONE word can truly serve as an anchor for you. Put this word front and center so as you live out your priorities for the year, you have that foundation established and can go back to reference.

My One Word for 2022 is CORE. As I mentioned in my last post, my word for the year was OvercoME. I was holding myself back so needed to peel back some layers and understand myself better to know where and how that was happening. Now I need to go deeper! The more layers I unravel, the more I unpack and frankly, the harder it gets. As you peel back any layer, each layer gets smaller but also more compact. There is more stuff that has collected in those deep layers than you would imagine. This is all striving to get to the heart, the middle, the core of me as a person. Knowing and loving that person (ME) to open up even more giving in my life to those around me.

Stay tuned into my core (heart/body). At the core of any human is their heart, and the messages your heart and body communicate to you are powerful. It's often in those quiet moments of the day that I actually feel into what my body is telling me. Staying balanced and focused enough to be able to lean into those messages is important to me. Maintaining the focus on the quiet, tuning out the noise around me at times to be able to actually hear and understand them.

CORE Strategic Solutions (my business) also happens to have my word in it as well - really focusing on supporting others and organizations on their journey to peel back those layers. The sooner each of us individually works through our stuff, the sooner we can collectively work together to make BIG things happen. Until that time, triggers, egos, insecurities get in the way of truly living and working in a wholehearted way. Instead of solving the surface issues on teams, let's dig deeper to get to the root cause to solve the real problem.

Lastly, CORE also signifies to me the importance of my physical core - my abs. I haven't been as diligent with making my body a priority which has always been important to me as a stress relief, mental state and overall energy level. It's slipped lately. I know and want to keep that a priority in the year to come. The downstream impacts of my physical health, well any of us, is significant and I want to maintain that for my overall well-being.

The visual that comes to mind to depict my word/my intention this year is a jet. Last year the jet took off fast, and at times came spiraling downward. This year the visual of that plane is to level the amount and frequency of turbulence. Come down and ground myself when I need to but be ready to hit the runway going when that's needed too. Some of that is out of my control, as with all things. I can let God control the cockpit and I can be the co-pilot with constant communication and guidance to get us ultimately where we need to go.

Listening to, trusting, and building my CORE.

Your turn.

  • What's your ONE Word this year?

  • How do your priorities align with your word and the action you are going to take in 2022?

  • What has been a barrier to maintain priorities throughout 2021, and how will you remove that barrier in 2022?

  • What do you need to practice doing more or less of?

  • What one boundary you need to implement to improve your peace in 2022?


  • Follow the One Word book framework to select the word that will ground you for the year.

  • Create a visual board with your OneWord represented and how you desire for that to transpire throughout the year.

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